Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to water pumps example

Why choose an air/water heat pump?……You’ll save a lot of money on your current oil or gas bill!

  • Easy integration to existing oil, gas or solid fuel heating systems for retrofit
  • Packaged appliance-styled indoor hot water units with inbuilt controls
  • No external collector or boreholes required
  • Docks with radiator or floor heating
  • Solar combination possible
  • Modular cascades of up to nine units for larger buildings
  • Outdoor temperature linked heat production – comfortable constant & even heating.

Believe it or not, you can actually use the outside air, to heat your home. Even at sub-zero temperatures, ambient air contains heat. And when you concentrate that heat using a NIBE air/water heat pump, you can get enough out of it to heat up both your radiators or underfloor heating and domestic hot water.Your initial investment is relatively low since an air/ water heat pump, unlike a ground source heat pump, does not require any geothermal drilling.

Given our relatively mild winters here in Ireland this type of heatpump can often cover almost the entire duty required but it can sometimes be necessary for an Air to Water heat pump to be assisted by an additional heat source which may be oil, gas or just the built in electric boiler in the inside module. However that additional heat would generally be a very minute part of the overall building needs.