Existing Home Retrofit

One of the biggest annual outlays in the family home is energy costs. With 1000 litres of oil costing almost a thousand euros in 2013, and rising, its starting to focus most peoples attention!

Pick the low hanging fruit first! ….The larger part of your energy bill is for space heating, not your hot water….so you should look at the heating first, simply cutting down on hot water costs by 60% with solar panels, though nice to have,  will not produce as quick a payback on investment.

If you know how much oil or gas you use annually, we can provide a calculation on what other  solutions will cost to operate instead.

Changing over from oil to a heatpump has a very fast payback, the repayments on finance over a short period and the new running costs usually cost less than the original amount being spen on the fuel.

We can also advise on the other part of the equation….where does the heat go to! In otherwords insulation and air-tightness etc.