Home Owners & Self Build

home_owners&buyersEvery house is slightly different, and peoples needs differ too of course, so you should ensure that what you get is what suits your home.

If you don’t specify EXACTLY what you want , you simply  leave to chance whatever your contractors may provide. Their selection may have been well intentioned or worse still,  the cheapest thing they found to secure the job…But you will be the one living with the choices and paying the energy bills so its well worth getting advice before you start out.

Of course then you have to know what to set down as the specification for your particular job….There are many different ideas and we see mass confusion amongst self-builders and even professionals out there; we know this because we speak to them every day!

Prior to appointing your contractors you should research the payback on outlay (if additional at all) and projected running costs. We can provide printed running cost calculations for your project at no charge, so its worth a quick consultation.

  • Your queries will always be answered by experienced engineers and/or staff with relevant installation experience
  • Compliance with part L for building regulations
  • How you building will score with its BER Cert
  • Ground source vs Air to Water vs Exhaust Air Heatpumps
  • Oil plus Solar versus or a Heatpump…the outlay or investment is similar, the running costs are not.
  • Combining solar with other sources.
  • Ventilation….do we need heat recovery, how do we catch this waste heat and do something useful with it all year round?
  • Is it worth incorporating a stove or solid fuel to a heating system?
  • Northern Ireland – Grants, how to apply and comply.
  • Special systems for a Passive House build

We would recommend that you contact us or visit with your plans and that way we can guide you through the maze and give you the facts. You can also see our equipment in operation too of course at our premises or perhaps at a more local venue to where you live.
We also have evening seminars for self builders, check with us to register your interest for the next date coming up.

Existing Home Retrofit
One of the biggest annual outlays in the family home is energy costs. With 1000 litres of oil costing almost a thousand euros in 2013, and rising, its starting to focus most peoples attention!

How Much Will I Save
There are many good reasons for choosing heat pumps or solar panels too, but the over-riding reason for most people is the fact that you save money. The good news is that the savings are quite dramatic over the ever increasing prices of fossil fuels.