How Much Will I Save?

There are many good reasons for choosing heat pumps or solar panels too, but the over-riding reason for most people is the fact that you save money.  The good news is that the savings are quite dramatic over the ever increasing prices of  fossil fuels.

When we use a heat pump for space and water heating we must use some electricity to run it of course….that power used to gather free energy from nature will be your actual running cost. The additional cost of electricity however comes to far less than the use of oil or gas.

This is independently verified by looking at the bi-monthly Fuel Cost Comparison Tables produced by the Sustainable Enegy Authourity of Ireland. (S.E.A.I.).

As a rough rule of thumb, energy from a heatpump will be about one third of the cost of oil, half the price of natural gas and one quarter of the price of LPG gas. This has been a consistent ratio over many years now.