Installer Training Programs

We offer installer specific Heatpump training on a regular basis taking you through our range of Nibe and associated Unipipe products.

Our first level of training aims to ensure that competent installers will be familiar and safe with the fitting of both ground-source and air to water heat pumps.

Topics for the day course covers:

  • Heat Pump History & Market Overview in Ireland
  • Which type of Heat pump to choose
  • Collectors and bore-hole design, fitting and dimensioning
  • Heating design for new-builds
  • Design & product Selection for Retro-Fits & Docking arrangements with Gas & Oil
  • Combination with Solar Thermal and other sources
  • Control Strategy
  • Retrofitting Heat pumps and calculation of running costs
  • Start-Up & Trouble-Shooting
  • Wiring Details

Additional Courses are available on:

  • Exhaust Air Heat Pump Instalation – Ducting, system design & Docking
  • Commercial system layouts, Design & Dimensioning for Engineers
  • Service Engineer for Heatpumps