New Modular Integration of Heatpump, Solar and Ventilation
nibe The Nibe 1145 Model heat pump is bottom left. Mounted on top is an FLM ventilation module which recovers waste heat from bathrooms, kitchen, utility room etc and positioned on the right-hand side an integrated 300 Litre VBP cylinder. (Solar assisted version is now available also). When waste The revolutionary new easy to use controls in the heatpump allow the house-holder a single point to work functions such as hot water scheduling, heating and ventilation. Unlike a conventional Heat-Recovery System, the FLM system sends the recovered heat into the incoming fluid from the borehole or garden collectors. When the heatpump is at rest during idle periods in the Summer etc, this heat is stored in the rock increasing the heatpumps efficiency  when in use. Also, it's only around half the cost to buy over conventional heat recovery systems!