Heat Pumps – Which Technology to choose…..

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source or ‘Geothermal’ Heat Pumps – for the lowest running costs, no matter what the weather does..

These heat pumps take heat from continuous loops of plastic pipe (containing antifreeze mixture) usually buried as a ‘collector’ array in the garden, or from U-bend shaped probes in deep boreholes. The collector pipe may also be placed in a lake or river.

This technology is popular for new builds and offers the lowest possible running costs with all of the building’s energy needs covered, even in the most extreme weather.
All Nibe heat pumps are extremely quiet and are ideally fitted indoors in a utility room. They may also be located almost anywhere else, such as a basement or plant room, but the ability to be inside saves on both running costs and installation unlike many of our competitors where the equipment is only suited to be remotely located in a garage etc. because of noise or even appearance.

A signature look of Nibe’s design has been that you would often mistake their heating equipment for domestic appliances!

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Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pumps – convenient for retrofit, and sites with limited space

These machines convert heat from the outside air to the heating and hot water system. Even on the coldest of days (down to -20 C!) there is heat available for either radiators, floor heating or a mixture of both.

We have a wide range of solutions specially tailored for the Irish market and neat packaged solutions with matched indoor modules containing user friendly controls and hot water system to attractive looking outdoor units. Sizes range from the smallest buildings to large scale possibilities for commercial applications such as nursing homes etc.

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Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps –for air tight houses, (Passive Houses) and apartments

Here we have a complete solution for Ventilation, Heating and Hot Water – the economical choice to wrap up three needs in one unit for the low energy and new build sector. Newer German standard Passiv Haus ultra-low energy homes are now emerging in Ireland….these need very little space heating but for comfort they will need a small amount. They do need hot water of course and importantly ventilation because of the air-tight nature of the build.

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