heatapp! Wireless Controls for Underfloor Heating – with remote access


heatapp! from Germany is a new Z-Wave wireless home automation system which caters for both radiator and underfloor heating systems. You can control up to 24 rooms with a maximum of four radiators per room. Rooms for underfloor heating are simply fitted with a wireless sensor. Your heating system is operated by smartphone or iPad etc. As it is wireless, it is very easy for retrofits and also offers installation savings in new builds, cutting down on wiring, chasing, etc.


consisting of :

  • 1 x heatapp Base Station
  • 1 x heatapp Gateway
  • 1 x heatapp 8 Channel Controller
  • 3 x heatapp Wi-fi Room Sensor

For Floor Heating Systems :

The Hub has 8 channels, maximum of three UFH actuators per channel, and can expand to 24 rooms using three hubs.

* Additional Room Sensor € 43.00

* Additional UFH Hub € 240.00


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