SMF_POP_Aufklapp_berry_300dpi_uncoated_0Unipipe are delighted to announce that we are now specialist distributors for the amazing Austrian Smartflower – the world’s first self-contained solar PV system.


The Smartflower deploys and tracks the sun for maximum efficiency and is truly a marriage of art and energy!  The clever design that allows you to add solar electric generation to your project means that there is no interference with the roof and so is very suitable for retrofits and use with listed buildings for instance. With little installation required the Smartflower POP can be operational in as little as one hour. The action of opening and closing of its petals also clean the PV panels’ surfaces to maintain highest efficiency.


The Smartflower is also an ideal blend of functional on site electricity generation and ‘green statement’ for businesses too. An item of art that pays for itself! Click here to download the brochure.