Unipipe Multi-Layer Pipe

Unipipe multilayer composite pipe combines the positive material properties of both plastics and metal. We offer complete solutions for a wide range of installations – whether tap water, floor heating or radiator connection. Our systems are designed to meet the strictest requirements for safety, comfort, and ease of installation. In other words, we deliver complete systems that work reliably.

  • Lower installed cost than Steel or Copper
  • Totally Corrosion proof and 100% Oxygen Tight
  • Cleaner, quicker and safer to use
  • No Waste, offcuts from floor heating can be used for plumbing
  • Formstable – it retains its shape so it looks better for surface mount applications and
  • Sizes available from 14mm to 110mm diameters
  • New modular assembly fitting program for large dimensions
  • Available in coils or straight lengths up to 32mm diameter, 5M straight lengths for all dimensions to 110mm